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Body Positive Boudoir

Raleigh, Durham North Carolina

Have you ever done something that is so exciting it’s actually scary? The kind of thing that makes your palms sweat with fear, or anticipation, or both. When you get in your car to head towards the event and you actually consider turning the thing around and heading home. Well….for most women that is what the beginning of a boudoir session looks like, and let me tell you sis, you aren’t alone.

For the majority of the gorgeous women that sit for me, the thought of making the call to even LOOK into boudoir is a huge step. You are making a decision to get naked with a totally random stranger, and I don’t mean the kind of randomness that happens at 3am in college at a bar. You are going to sit in front of a camera and bare your soul to someone, who for the most part, you have just met. If that statement doesn’t scare the crap out of you then you may actually be a robot. Boudoir is terrifying, but like I tell all the women I work with, that fear is what helps us create magic. When you mix a healthy dose of fear, with a sprinkle of body love and some bad ass vibes you get absolute perfection.

So my advice for all those women who think it’s just too scary to try, it’s not. That fear is really just excitement for what the universe has in store. Change is something people run from, but it’s time for that change. It’s time to take the first step towards body love, to start embracing all the bad-assness that you are. Embrace those bone chilling moments of excitement and fear and know that just on the other side of those emotions is a whole world filled with bodies of all shapes and sized loving themselves for who they are. In all their imperfect perfection. Join the crowd, embrace the suck and ride that scary train into body love town. I promise it will be worth it =)

Embrace all bodies, especially yours!