Embrace All Bodies | The International Women's Day Battle

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Guess what day it is babes?!?! Yep, International Women's Day! March 8th, the day of all days. The mack daddy of nationally recognized days. It’s filled with hope, love and encouragement. A 24 hour window where women stand up and support other women, pushing aside any trace of competition or jealousy. Today, there is a place at the table for us, a seat, a dinner plate. We are seen as equals and I can’t even begin to describe how bad ass that is. So why does it feel so shallow? Fleeting and hard to grasp like sand through your fingers. I think it’s because it’s an unsustainable high, the kind you get from too much sugar that inevitably leaves you hungry and hollow.

So today, I would like to unpack this feeling of hollowness because I know I can’t be the only person who feels this way. We live in a world of sneaky inequality. Hidden in the shadows cast from the mountains of progress that have been made thus far for women. We have pushed and worked so tirelessly for equality that some days, like today, we feel on top of the world….until we turn and see that our mountain of progress still pales in comparison to the peaks that our male counter parts have been navigating forever. No shame towards the men in my life, but for once, I would love to know what the air tastes like up there.

As one of my most favorite authors, Brené Brown says “courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Well, here I am world, standing in all my bra burning glory shouting from the rooftops that we still have work to do. On this international day of celebration I will stand in my courage and be seen for all the women who can’t stand one second longer. I will be the voice shouting above the noise for the women who no longer have a voice. I will be the body in the arena that keeps battling for the women who can no longer hold their sword. I will fight and keep fighting until we are seen as equals because it’s time to change the narrative. We deserve those peaks just as much as anyone else in this world and it’s time to keep climbing. Standing in our courage is scary but the alternative to standing and letting our voice be heard is silence, and that terrifies me even more.

We should not live in a world where women need a holiday to celebrate their accomplishments. An international day dedicated to the girl in the back who won the conciliation prize, a pity award for doing our best. Women are doing bad ass things in this world and should be celebrated every damn day. Not just on this glorious day of joy and hope. We should live in a world where this high is sustainable, something that can push us upwards towards greatness and equality, not just be a sugar rush of hope that dissipates and leaves us feeling hollow and alone.

So today, I will enjoy the rush and let this tidal wave of joy wash over me and cleanse my soul. I will embrace all the amazing stories of women doing amazing things, but I will also fight like hell to sustain this high and make sure the women in my world know how special they are 365 days a year. Not just March 8th, but every single day they walk this earth. I will shout and battle and stand my ground because the women I surround myself with deserve that. They deserve to know just how special they are and how worthy they are of equality. Not just today, but every day. Embrace all bodies, all women and all accomplishments. And sis, never ever let your crown fall as you navigate the rocky terrain to the peaks of equality ahead. You are loved, you are worthy and you are enough.



Here are just a few of the many women I chose to battle for. Thanks for being a part of my world.