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Myrtle Beach’s #1 Mermaid

One Day She Woke Up and Decided to Be Happy

Ok world, meet my very own, real life mermaid Autumn. We met almost 3 years ago through a mutual job and just clicked. This sweet soul is the definition of what my brand stands for and has become a muse of sorts in the world of Katelyn Scott. As many of you know, I work with women of all types that are battling body confidence issues and there is no rules saying that you have to be a certain body type to battle these very issues. This amazing woman woke up one day and decided it was time to change.

She came to me initially because her and her sweet man were celebrating 5 years together. The session was booked as a gift because she was looking for something with a little shock and awe value. She walked into the studio beyond nervous but with the most magnetic energy. It was like she was frothing over with nervous excitement. Y’all can we just take a second and talk about that? People are always nervous but when you sprinkle a jolt of amazing body love into nervous energy you get the most amazing magic. Which is exactly what happened that day.

To get this blog going I sent my girls a survey and her words brought me to tears. I asked what her favorite part of the day was and this was the response I got (insert ugly cry face here from gratitude for this amazing human). “My favorite moment was when I realized the shoot was no longer for him. I needed that shoot for me. I needed to be reminded that this sexy, confident woman was hiding inside and Katelyn brought it out!! She would look at my photos and just look in awe! She looked at me in a way no one had in a while and it lit a fire inside me! Like I said, my session was "meant for someone else" but it really was for me! I needed to see that my stretch marks are sexy and my curves and perfect! I am a woman warrior in this fight for self love!”

Yep, if you’re not crying right now I’m positive we can’t be friends. Y’all in a days time she went from someone who hated her body to really seeing herself for the first time. She walked in a doubter and walked out this beautifully bloomed flower of confidence, swag, sexiness and light. We have shot together several times since then and she is pretty much the body love fairy godmother of Myrtle Beach, shouting from the rooftops so every woman can feel what she did. And guess what!! She has even entered for a shot at becoming Inked Magazine’s Cover Girl and so far she is rocking it (insert shameful plug to go vote for her!).

I will never be able to properly thank Autumn for the energy she has brought to my brand or show her how grateful my heart is to have a woman warrior in this fight with me. Embrace all bodies is exactly is what she is doing and she started with hers first. Dear, sweet, amazing, smart, talented, sexy friend….I love you to the stars and back. Keep fighting the good fight and know I will always have your back!