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Body Positive Boudoir

Dear world, meet the one and only Selena. Certified boss babe, business owner, kick ass and take names kinda gal and the DEFINITION of body positive. Not only is she a fierce and loyal friend, she is also a huge supporter in this Katelyn Scott journey. She is the owner of Revel6 Hair Bar and let me tell you…..this woman just has it.

When I had this wild dream to start a branch of my company that focused on nothing but boudoir, she was my first stop. When I sat down with her in the back room of her salon and told her all my big, scary, huge and wild dreams, she didn’t bat an eye. Her response was, how can I help. Since that day she has been down in the arena helping me fight to change the way women see themselves. We all know a good blowout will make any doll feel more like herself, but she is so much more than that. She is a woman on a mission and it oozes from her very being. Helping women channel their inner badass is her super power.

Our styled shoot together started as a little dream to take amazing photos in a field….that was it. We had no idea what we were in for when we threw caution to the wind and loaded up a trailer (that neither one of us knew how to drive and/or backup) with a clawfoot tub, vanity, couch, blanket and high backed chair. We were on a mission to create magic and ultimately we did, but we had to get there first.

Let me tell you the sheer panic one experiences when your co-pilot, aka Selena, tells you to turn off the highway towing a trailer full of shit into SOMEONES DRIVEWAY!!! Yep, her directions were set to walking, not driving, and the result was us pulling into a random strangers yard. Remember the comment about not knowing how to back up this trailer….yep now we were stuck in this poor man’s driveway looking at having to back onto the busiest interstate in Murrells Inlet. Full. Blown. Panic….the kind that ensued huge belly laughs until we both peed our pants. The poor man that helped us didn’t even know what do with himself as he reached through my window to steer while I manned the peddles. If you know me at all, this is where you picture me snort laughing, peeing my pants and crying, all while trying to be helpful. Long story short this saint of a human got us straightened out and on our way.

When we finally reached our destination it was a dream of a location. We had room for all the different setups and so much amazing space to play. It was magical and everything we had hoped for. When I asked Selena why she wanted to shoot with me her response was “I wanted to see myself as beautiful as I see your other clients.” How huge is this…..most of my ladies come to me because they just want to be seen. For another woman to want to shoot because of how beautiful she sees them is the definition of what I want to accomplish.

Ultimately all the laughter, hard work and driving drama paid off. Selena left feeling like she could control her life again by just letting go. Her final words in her survey were “I wish I could bottle and sell the feeling I had while working with Katelyn. Best drug in the world is self confidence.” And that is what this whole movement is about. One woman, one body and one soul at a time learning to embrace who they are and channel their inner goddess.

Embrace All Bodies.