Katelyn Scott Packages

Hello Beautiful Girl! First off I want you to take a deep breath and remind yourself that I got you. I know this is a really big decision and even just checking into Body Positive Boudoir is probably making your hands sweat. Trust me, I have been in your shoes. With that being said, that nervous energy is so wonderfully beautiful. It is a feeling of hope, excitement, wonder and a touch of fear. These are normal emotions and something I hope you feel because when we mix these with a jolt of body love, we get magic.

When people ask me why I am in the business of Body Positive Boudoir the answer is really simple. I get the chance to change the projection of women’s lives through the lens of my camera. Nothing forced, fake or artificial happens in my studio. Simply put, I am allowing my girls the chance to be their most authentic self and I capture all the delicious details that make them unapologetically beautiful. We laugh, dance, sing, play, jiggle and wiggle our way through each session and its perfectly messy. My only goal is for each woman to feel more whole when she walks out my door.

Embrace all bodies is truly that….I make space in my studio for every woman to be able to see the beauty that we all see. All bodies are welcome here and it is my mission in life to show each one of you that every body deserves to be embraced and loved. Below are my three package options and just know that it is my HONOR to be able to walk with each of you through this journey.

Body_Positive_Boudoir_Raleigh North Carolina3.jpg

Deluxe Studio

  1. 2.5 Hours of Shooting

  2. Unlimited Outfits

  3. Professional Hair and Makeup

  4. Access to Wardrobe

  5. Full collection of digital files

  6. $50 Print Credit on Gallery


Body-Positive-Boudoir-Raleigh North Carolina2.jpg

Essential Studio

  1. 1.5 Hours of Shooting

  2. Up to 5 Outfits

  3. Professional Makeup

  4. Access to Wardrobe

  5. 25 digital files


Plus Size Boudoir Raleigh North Carolina 4.jpg

Basic Studio

  1. 45 Minute of Shooting

  2. Up to 2 Outfits

  3. 10 digital files

  4. Limited Availability


*Ask about package pricing for you and your girls. Boudoir parties, mini sessions and bachelorette parties can all be accommodated!

Products and Digitals

Full Digital Collection of Files…$299

Additional Individual Files…$25 per image

Deluxe Albums…Start at $750

Standard Albums…Start at $450

Little Black Book…Start at $250

Wood Print Box…Start at $105

Canvas…Start at $99