Embrace All Bodies

Hi Babes! My name is Katelyn, and I am the boss lady behind Katelyn Scott. I am a 30 year old self taught photographer based in Raleigh, NC with a fire and passion to change the way women and society view beauty.

I am so honored you stopped by to check us out. This whole body love journey is not easy but I am helping women relearn how to embrace all bodies, not just the bodies that society wants us to perceive as beautiful. I am talking to you sis!! Your body is perfectly made and it’s time you started embracing and honoring it. On this journey you will not only rediscover your own power, inner strength and beauty…you will also start to view the world a little different.

Trust me y’all, I know this is scary but deep breath…I got you! I believe that some of life’s greatest moments are the ones that are captured unexpectedly. Katelyn Scott is a place of love, empowerment and body positivity. Life is tough, but loving ourself shouldn’t have to be. I specialize in capturing women in their truest, rawest, most powerful moments and my only mission is to help women fill their cup, leave feeling more whole and rejoice in their messy, delicious, perfectly imperfect life.

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About Me

Yep, this is me. Standing in all my glory, embracing the bad ass that I know I am and enjoying the hell out of it.

Fun fact, I would never ask my ladies to do anything that I haven’t and I know how incredibly powerful this moment can be. You are scared and so was I, but THIS was the best decision I have ever made for myself.

Deep breath sis, I got you, now lets DO THIS THING!!!

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If you’re curious about what a session may look or feel like, make sure to check out the blog! Everyone comes to Katelyn Scott for a different reason and each session is specifically tailored to help each woman feel like the bad ass that she is.

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It’s Your Time

What are you waiting for?

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