The Why Behind Katelyn Scott

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Katelyn Scott is a place for all women. Women of every age, shape, size, color and creed. No one is turned away because we are founded on the basic principle that all women are perfectly made.

I started my photography journey almost 6 years ago when my father passed away unexpectedly. We had finally planned a long overdue family session and we lost him one week before they were taken. That was the catalyst I needed to purchase my first professional camera and start capturing special moments for other families.

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The very sad reality that I came up against while I was shooting family sessions, weddings, corporate clients and events was a very strong undercurrent of self deprecation. It didn’t matter what the circumstance, the women I shot had two ways of handling a session. They were either the last one to rush out for the photos looking frazzled and frantic because they had to get everyone else ready. Or they spent the whole time asking if I would be able to photoshop out their wrinkles, chins, bellies….you name it. It was an epidemic.

Katelyn Scott was born out of that environment two years ago. I was craving a safe space that women could come and truly be seen. A session with me is intended for all women to just come and relax, refill their cup and re-engage with their beautiful souls that have been trapped under years of stress, kiddos, parent meetings, school, work and the constant message from our society that you will never be enough.

I am here to tell you that all bodies deserve to be embraced. All bodies are worthy of love and ALL bodies are beautiful. It is my mission in life to get to as many women as possible and help change the dialogue….because frankly, it’s time. It is my honor to be a part of your body love journey and walk alongside you as we tackle societal norms. Don’t forget to take a deep breath sis, I got you. Now LETS FREAKING DO THIS!

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Embrace All Bodies

Especially the one you’re in

Katelyn Scott Experience

Here is the beautiful and raw truth ladies. Your body is perfectly you. You are made exactly how you are supposed to, and every damn curve, stretch mark, mom moment and love story is unique to your journey. There is so much freedom and power when a woman connects with her body and falls in love with themselves unconditionally. Your body is important, your love story matters and loving all that you are is the most important thing you will ever do.

I am beyond excited to be part of your story. You are the most important piece of this puzzle and your experience drives this train. From when you walk through my doors until when you leave, we will dance, sing, laugh, wiggle, roll around on the floor and have the best time ever. Leave all your expectations of “being sexy” at the door because it’s all the authentic moments in between where we are able to fully capture the beauty of who you are.

Fun Facts About the Katelyn Scott Brand

  1. I have a wardrobe of clothes that any woman would die to have. We are talking hundreds of pieces with all sorts of inclusive sizes, robes, jammies, garters and the list goes on. That means you don’t have to go out and spend extra money on clothes if you don’t want, I got you!

  2. Currently I am shooting out of my in home studio, but I am always open to new adventures so if you have something magical in mind, just let me know!! If you can dream it, we can do it.

  3. Women are perfectly imperfect and that’s a hard and fast rule in my studio. I will never body alter an image in post processing (aka photoshop out chins, bellies, stretch marks, etc.). We tailor each session to accommodate any and all of your concerns and we celebrate all that is you. This one is non-negotiable so if you feel the need to be airbrushed, I have several other amazing photogs I can refer you to. Love the skin your in sis…’s pretty damn gorgeous from here.

  4. I have a studio mascot and her name is Monroe….yep like the ever amazing Marilyn Monroe. Very much like her human counter part, this little girl is a 8 year old lab mix full of sassy attitude and puppy kisses. If you don’t like dogs, its ok, I will just silently judge you from the corner (only half kidding here).

  5. All sessions include a pre and post consult. The reason I do this is because 1) you are getting almost butt naked around me and I want you to feel comfortable with me. 2) It is always best to have a plan going into our session so we don’t waste time with wardrobe decisions. We plan all your outfits in that pre-consult so we can jump right into it on the day of. 3) If you are like me, looking at your images for the first time is incredibly scary. We do that in person for a lot of reasons but the main one….sometimes it can be hard to look at a body that you have spent the majority of your life hating. It’s normal and exactly what society wants from us. It’s so empowering to sit with someone who is seeing their images for the first time and watch as they allow themselves to love the view. I am here as a support and guide to help you get the most out of your session.

  6. This session is all about loving who you are. These are big investments of time, money, energy and spirit. You will have ups and downs throughout but you will leave feeling empowered and whole.

  7. Embrace all bodies is something everyone should have access to. If that means the investments are a little intimidating all at once, we can make accommodations for payments plans. Don’t hesitate to ask.

  8. And lastly, I will NEVER pressure you to do anything you are not comfortable with. If that means staying covered up all session be my guest. If that means running around butt naked I will meet you there as well. I have no expectation for any session and I gladly meet you wherever you are! Always remember….deep breath sis, I got you!

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