We Embrace All Love Stories, One Moment at a Time

I believe that some of life’s greatest moments are the ones that are captured unexpectedly. Life is tough, but loving our story shouldn’t have to be. I specialize in capturing people in their truest, rawest, most powerful moments and my only mission is to help people fill their cup, have them leave feeling more whole and rejoicing in their messy, delicious, perfectly imperfect life. Embrace your love story with me…I promise it will be so worth it!  

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Destiny decides who touches your life! Our experience with Katelyn punctuates that. She breaths life, enthusiasm, and pure joy. She captures what the lens sees and the heart feels! The picture becomes the storyteller. From minute one she got us.
— Deb Kellner

“The beginning of Happily Ever After starts with self love”

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Embrace your love story

One picture at a time.